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wassup ya'll long time since my last update.
i took time to get away from the world and do some thinking.
i thought that life shouldn't be wasted and promesses that i have made to my self cant stay on hold.
So i have changed a bit.
i am now taking better care of my self.
i am eating right.
i am on a great workout plan everyday.
and i am thinking of wat i can do to help people seee me.
but that is the only things that i have done.
i am reading and writing stories agian. not short one but long storys i have already filled up 2 or 3 journials
i am working on my mind as well as my body.
but the thing i am the most happy with is that i am now spending more time with my girl.and i told her the other day that i wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life with here.
but i now that some of the ppl who read this dont like sapy things so i will change the subject.

i am going to be at scity stages all day all weekend so it will be a will till i talk to any of yall but i will be back.
o yea i still have my heart the same i didn't change that.
and i still am here to talk to if anyone needs to talk about anything

well i will end this here with a thought for everyone.

Life isnt fair sometimes hell it aint fair most the time . but we should never give up. we all have been through rough time and some rougher than others. but never give up. charish your life and the moments lived .thats wat life is the thinging u do in life. if u get knocked down get the hell back up. also another thing .if someone spits in ur face. u look at them and say thanks. the are humans to they have live. just pity them becuase they are have troubles in there life and they dont know how to deal. but remeber if are lives get us down there is always someone there to pick us back up . all we have to do is ask.

peace out
love u laura
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