Cause that's just who I am this week (_jexy_) wrote in just__therexx,
Cause that's just who I am this week

Poems you wouldn't get....

Yeah, I wrote these in like two minutes. I'm sure I could do better.

Pardon my words,
Pardon my wisdom.
Pardon the way I love you so.
It's the one thing I want,
To grow old.
It can happen to you,
It can happen to me.
The wind blows,
In the silent trees.
A swish of luck,
A turn and a pluck.
An undiscovered,
Uncharted death.
A way to free ourselves,
From the ghost that haunt these forsaken woods.


How happy you could make us,
Is certainly not unknown,
Words can't describe it,
It is too far gone.
I know it would be hard for me,
A straight up challenge it's easy to see,
It's something surely worth while,
I'd surely like to try.
I'd try to do my best,
I'd give you all I could,
I'd try to make you happy,
I'd try and I would.
Your smile would be a gift to me,
Your touch and so much more,
I'd do all I could for you,
Even if I look like a whore.
I'd be very proud of you,
I'd show you off to all,
I'd take you where ever you want,
Even against the law.
What I'm really saying,
Is I'd die to have you here,
Whether everyone is mad at me,
I don't really care.
You would be the change I need,
I wouldn't mind being sore,
I'd give it all away,
Anything I do,
If it means that I will finally get,
A chance to have you.
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